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Delight and educate your target audience with bespoke eLearning content. As opposed to step-by-step tutorials, eLearning videos explain a concept or theory. Let's bring your concepts to life!

The Process

Want to know how that was produced?

Every brand has different needs–that’s why every eLearning program is made tailored to the specific objectives, desired output, and budget for each brand. This video explains the process behind the example eLearning video above.

If you are curious as to how this would work for your brand, then…


Approach Examples

Here are some ways we can create your eLearning video or series!

For more information…

You Have an Existing Presentation

Did you or a colleague produce a kick ass presentation that you would like to turn into an engaging eLearning? You can share the presentation slides or assets with me, and I can package it together in an engaging way via video. Some past ways I have done this:

  • You provide the text for each slide, and I do the voiceover and eLearning animations
  • The presentation was previously recorded, and you would like me to combine that footage with a jazzed up animated version of the PPT
  • A member of your team connects to me via webinar. I record them as they go through a “ghost” webinar—their audio and webcam image is recorded, and later I combine this with wonderful animated eLearning based on your slides

You Have a Video Script and Concept

If you have no slides, just the script of the concepts you need to convey, I can also work with you to create all the visual assets of the eLearning from the ground up, bespoke to what you need to convey and your brand. This is more time intensive but always fun to do!

You Want Help From the Ground Up

If you know you need an eLearning video or training program but are not sure where to begin, I can also help you craft and prepare this program from script to finish.

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The Promise

Styled to Your Brand

Modern Animations

Clear Infographics

Helpful Guidance


What do I need to have ready?

Ideally, you have a clear vision about what exactly your viewers need to learn. Since eLearning programs are so specific to each client, the rest is best discussed in a chat!

Do I need a completed script to get started?

The more planned out the video is, the better the end result. This does include a well-crafted presentation script–but don’t worry! If you need help with this, process, please check out my Video Script Services! I combine my experience as an educator and as a video producer to help craft the most concise and clear script for your video.

Who does the voiceover?

There are a number of ways we can do this! If you want an eLearning to be made out of an existing recorded webinar, then I can use that recorded audio. Alternatively, I can record a voiceover in my studio, in which case it will be American English Female. Other options include using only text on screen, hiring a voice actor or having someone from your team do the V.O.

What about subtitles?

Subtitles are not automatically included, but can be added in the following ways:

  1. I can add the words to the video itself (small added fee)
  2. Depending on how/where you will upload the video, I can add the words to the video player so that viewers can see subtitles overlaid IF they press the CC button on the player (small added fee).
  3. Alternatively, you can add subtitles to your player (requires some technical skills).

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