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What are you all about?

Image & Interview Films

So, you are hot on the market and want to explain exactly what you or your company are about? Perfect! Why not do so with an exciting image film or information interview?

Let’s introduce you to the world, shall we?

Every image and interview video is tailored to your specific needs.

Below are three different examples of such videos. Click through them or…

Image Video

Image Video

client example:
Teufelsberg.Today Project Trailer
Independent artist and journalist Richard Rabensaat is working on an exciting project called Teufelsberg.Today. In a series called Radom Room, he interviews the people who currently work at the old CIA listening towers in Berlin, Teufelsberg. To introduce his project, I made this image video.

Interview Video

Interview Video

client example:
Mary Ward (Adult Education College)
The Mary Ward Centre is an adult education charity based in London. I produced an image film and a series of interviews to explain their offering and a forthcoming move to East London.

Presentation Video

Presentation Video

client example:
Coin Research
Reference or presentation style videos are a sleek and modern way to tell your company’s story without a voiceover. These work particularly well on websites, on social media, as a pre-roll to presentations, and on screens in office spaces. This was produced for Coin Research (London).


What about subtitles?

Subtitles are not automatically included, but can be added for an additional small fee.

Who does the voiceover?

I can record a voiceover in my studio, in which case it will be American English Female. Alternatively, we can use only text on screen, hire a voice actor or, in some circumstances, have someone from your team do the V.O.

Do you always need a voiceover?

This depends on the video, but certainly, for short, snappy and to-the-point videos, you may not need a voiceover at all!

What do I need to have ready?

You need to be clear about what should be explained in your tutorial. Ideally, a tutorial should cover only one subject. Generally, it is better for your end viewers to have multiple shorter tutorials than one long tutorial. This is also why the screencapture segment is billed per minute of end video.

How do I write a script?

If you already know the words needed in the voiceover, or on screen, that is great! You can share your script with me. If you need help with a script, I also offer a tutorial script writing service. Ask me about it!

Can I have a background music track?

Sure! We can offer you a variety of royalty free music options for a small extra fee. Please note that I can’t use any copyright music (such as popular pop songs) in a video, but I can find background tracks that have a similar vibe to what you like.