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Did you know?

72% of online users would rather watch a video to learn about a product or service than read text. Let’s craft you a tutorial that is clear, concise, engaging and true to brand!


Main  Options

Review these to better understand what kind of tutorial you need.


Basic Screencapture

Sometimes, you just need a simple video of a screen and a voice-over, letting your clients, consumers or students know where to click. This is a simple, cost effective tutorial!

Great for:

Videos explaining how to log in or create an account; Videos explaining simple computer tasks


The below video shows a basic screen capture tutorial. It also includes an intro and outro, background music track and a voiceover.

Screencapture Plus+

Screencapture Plus+ builds upon the basic screencapture tutorial by incorporating zooms, pans, highlights, blurs and other actions. This is especially helpful if you are explaining more complex programs.

Great for:

Videos explaining programs or websites with lots of buttons, actions and options.


The below video shows screen capture tutorial with added zooms, pans and highlights. It also includes and intro+outro, background music track and a voiceover.

App Tutorial

Have a phone app you need to explain to users? What better way than with a video! There are various ways to approach an App tutorial, so best is to get in touch to discuss the best for you!

Great for:

Videos that explain mobile-based apps.


This quick video explains an important app function with visuals. This particular video did not opt to use a voiceover or additional word callouts, but those can absolutely be added to videos if needed.


Sweet  Upgrades

Consider adding these extra elements to make the video extra special and on brand.

Intro and Outro

An intro and outro is the perfect way to show your brand identity, add some modern elements and ensure consistency across a series of tutorials. Your intro and outro can be made bespoke to your brand and needs, or you can choose from a series of templates.

Click here to review templates, or get in touch to discuss making a bespoke intro.


Or watch this for some examples.

eLearning Segment

Sometimes you need to explain a conceptual idea before getting into the nitty gritty tutorial aspect. An eLearning (otherwise known as explainer) segment is perfect for this!

Please Note:

If your video is mostly conceptual, then please check out my dedicated eLearning offering:


This excerpt from the Tutorial Offering video explains this optional upgrade:

Live Recorded Interview Segment with Keywords

For a personal touch, you can also have a live recorded segment, with optional key words added on screen. There are a few ways we can go about this–if you are interested in this option, get in touch!


The Tutorial Offering video showcases an example of a live recorded segment added to a video.

Left Parallax Background Element
Right Parallax Background Element


Do you always need a voiceover?

This entirely depends on the video! Certainly, for short, snappy and to-the-point videos, you may not need a voice over.

Who does the voiceover?

I can record a voiceover in my studio, in which case it will be American English Female. Alternatively, we can use only text on screen, hire a voice actor or, in some circumstances, have someone from your team do the V.O.

What about subtitles?

Subtitles are not automatically included, but can be added in the following ways:

  1. I can add the words to the video itself (small added fee)
  2. Depending on how/where you will upload the video, I can add the words to the video player so that viewers can see subtitles overlaid IF they press the CC button on the player (small added fee).
  3. Alternatively, you can add subtitles to your player (requires some technical skills).

Can I have a background music track?

Sure! I can offer you a variety of royalty free music options for a small extra fee. Please note that I can’t use any copyrighted music (such as popular pop songs) in a video, but I can find background tracks that have a similar vibe to what you like.

What do I need to have ready?

You need to be clear about what should be explained in your tutorial. To be most effective, a tutorial should cover only one subject. It is better to have a series of shorter tutorials, each addressing one issue, than one lengthy one. If you are unsure of anything, but know that you need a tutorial, get in touch!

How do I write a script?

If you already know the words needed in the voiceover, or on screen, that is great! You can share your script with me. If you need help with a script, I also offer a tutorial script writing service. This is the best way to ensure your video is short, effective and to-the-point! Check it out, here:

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