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All about the words!

Video Script Services

Have the idea, but not the words to explain it? No problem! I am very experienced in video script writing. Whether you need the words for a clear and concise tutorial video, want to explain your case study in a gripping fashion, or want an editor to proof your eLearning idea, let me help make words work for you.

How can I help?

Here are some examples of my video script services.
Case Studies and Awards Videos

You know how excellent your campaign or case study was. But how do you convey that to future customers or an awards jury? I can help you craft the compelling story of your case study that makes it stand out from the rest.


The name of the game here is to be clear and concise! Your clients or customers turn to your tutorials to help them learn and save time. Let’s make sure your script delivers exactly that!

Video Interview Preparation

You can’t control exactly what someone says in an interview, but you can prepare them in the best way possible. Set your mind at ease and help the interviewee feel confident with a set of guidelines, clear questions and tips.